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Watch their countenances when you are addressing them, and see if they look interested. I say it _will_ be the case here; I ought rather to say that it _will be_ the case, should remove water ring from wood furinture you be so unhappy as to do wrong and to persist in it. A bell is always rung _five minutes before the time_ for closing the recitation, to give the teachers notice that their time is nearly expired, and then again _at the time_, to give notice to new classes to take their places. This was done. for Benevolence. Sometimes the girls bring their battledoors to school. Measures in consequence. 1. Punctuality. I do not mean a cold, theoretical exposition of the general principles of its management and instruction, for these are essentially the same, in all good schools.

In all probability, however, they would like it, and would indicate their interest by their countenances, or perhaps by a response. There is no branch of study attended to in school, which may, by judicious efforts, be made more effectual in accomplishing this object,--leading the pupils to see the practical utility, and the value of knowledge, than composition. Every teacher then should make observations and experiments upon mind a part of his daily duty, and nothing will more facilitate this, than keeping a record of results. By these, and perhaps by other means, it is the duty of the teacher to satisfy himself that his pupils are really attentive to their duties. " Here a number of the hands went up. (6. It is universal in its application. Teachers will find it much easier to introduce this practice, than it would at first be supposed. &c. He has human nature to deal with, most directly. I found from farther inquiry that this had been the case, and I closed by saying, "I am satisfied, that those who have inadvertently fallen into this practice are sorry for it, and that if I should leave it here, no more cases of it would occur, remove water ring from wood furinture and this is all I wish.

"For example, (to take the case of the antipathy to the spider, alluded to in the last article,) the reason why that young lady dislikes spiders, is undoubtedly because she has some unpleasant idea associated with the thought of that animal, perhaps for example, the idea of their crawling upon her--which is certainly not a very pleasant one for any body. We will call the first, M. He studies the materials with which he is to work, and lets their true character remove water ring from wood furinture develope itself. He would be much aided in this by the previous knowledge which he would have obtained by private conversation, as recommended under a former head. ) Then follows two quarter hours, remove water ring from wood furinture appropriated like those heretofore described, the first to a General Exercise, the second to a Recess. When the apples are full grown they change from sour to sweet, and become mellow; then they can be eaten. remove water ring from wood furinture And, after all, there are some circumstances necessarily attending the work which constitute a heavy drawback on the pleasures which it might otherwise afford.

Shall the practice of prompting in the classes be any longer continued? 'We would propose that we have a composition exercise _this_ week similar to the one on Thursday last. They can, by a series of questions like the above, be led to see by their own reasoning, that time, as denoted by the clock, must differ in every two places, not upon the same remove water ring from wood furinture meridian, and that the difference must be exactly proportional to the difference of longitude. remove water ring from wood furinture There must be some cause for an impression so general. " "It certainly is so, though I suppose James did not consider it. To take our old case, adding eight to seven, you take as much from the eight to add to the seven as will be sufficient to make ten, and then it will be easy to add the rest. _Religious Exercise on Saturday afternoon. Any thing the scholars may have known to be done on the Sabbath which they doubt whether right or wrong. My pupils would make resolutions enough; they understood their duty well enough. Whose sled was it that Richard took away?" "James Thompson's. It ought, however, to be constantly borne in mind, that this variety should be confined, to the modes of pursuing an object, which is permanent, and constant, and steadily pursued.

ACCOUNTANTS. " She ought to go to the teacher of the class to which her pupil had been unwisely assigned, converse with her, obtain her opinion, then find some other class more suited to her attainments, and after fully ascertaining all the facts in the case, bring them to me, that remove water ring from wood furinture I may make the change. A merchant keeps his commodities together, and looks upon a cargo composed of ten thousand articles, and worth 100,000 dollars as one: he speaks of it as one: and there is, in many cases, no more perplexity in planning its destination, than if it were a single box of raisins. In some instances, however, you may frankly state the whole case, without danger, provided it is done in such a manner as not to make the boy feel that his character is seriously injured in your estimation. " "Well, I have forgotten too. Is any body aggrieved or injured? I learn it through the wrapper. It is called the indictment. ACCOUNTANTS. [Illustration] Of course the construction may be varied very much, and it may be more or less expensive, according to the wishes of the teacher. 3. "There is one way by which I might ascertain whether you were old enough to know that this was wrong, and that is by asking those who have refrained from doing this, because they supposed it would be wrong, to rise.

This should be done, however, cautiously, deliberately, remove water ring from wood furinture and with good nature;--keeping the object of it a good deal out of view.

If the teacher can contrive to obtain a great majority upon his side, so as to let them see that any opposition which they can raise, is of no consequence, and is not even noticed, they will soon be ashamed of it. Teaching him a lesson in history, is, on the other hand, only cutting down a tree or two for him. " remove water ring from wood furinture remove water ring from wood furinture To this the Frenchman might very properly reply, "In your efforts to promote your principles, you are limited, or you ought to be limited to modes that are proper and honorable. He accordingly appropriates a regular portion of time to a formal lecture or exhortation, which he delivers without regard to the mental habits of thought and feeling which prevail among his charge. Religious exercises in school. " "Why, Mr. Anti-Spider-Sparer. Were I to give a few concise and summary directions in regard to this subject to a young teacher, they would be the following: 1.

Not that the teacher is to have no liberty from which the scholars are debarred; this would be impossible. 'Tis true the practice is not steadily kept up. It will assist the young teacher very much in his first day's labors, if he takes measures for seeing and conversing with some of the older or more intelligent scholars, on the day or evening before he begins his school, with a view of obtaining from them some acquaintance with the internal arrangements and customs of the school. Left! Right! Left! Right!' The line was once more in order, and I observed a new army on the opposite side of the room, performing the same manoeuvres, always to the tune of 'Kendall's March. Leading forward one or two minds, from step to step, in an advanced study, is certainly far inferior, in real dignity and importance, to opening all the stores of written knowledge, to fifty or a hundred. The pupil goes on from step to step, simply because he has but one short step to take at a time. He waited for some days, and the difficulty still continued. There is but one way of doing this, and that is raising the personal characters and attainments of teachers themselves. So long as he leaves the great objects of the school untouched, and the great features of its organization unchanged, his many plans for accomplishing these objects in new and various ways, awaken interest and spirit both in himself and in his scholars, and all goes on well. I am prevented from doing this both by my unwillingness to obtrude such a subject personally upon those who might not welcome it, and by want of time. Present your subject not in its _general views_, but in its _minute details_.

Look over your school-room, therefore, and wherever you find one, whom you perceive the Creator to have endued with less intellectual power than others, fix your eye upon him with an expression of kindness and sympathy. The teacher, too, feels a special interest in his experiment.

The indifferent, and inactive teacher. The boy supposed it was understood to be accidental, and perhaps secretly laughed at the dulness of his master. You may even take up in school, a study entirely new to you, and have it understood at the outset, that you know no more of it than the class commencing, but that you can be their guide, on account of the superior maturity and discipline of your powers, and the comparative ease with which you can meet and overcome difficulties.

The _single replies_, coming from individuals specially addressed, are more rigid, and more to be relied upon;--but they consume a great deal of time, and while one is questioned, it requires much skill, to keep up interest in the rest. They "hoisted away," until I began to think that the poor man would actually tumble out behind. Do you not think it would be so?" "Yes sir," said James, seriously, "I suppose it would. Reasons for the rule. Another must have all his pupils write on the angular system, or the anti-angular system, and he enters with all the zeal into a controversy on the subject, as if the destiny of the whole rising generation, depended upon its decision. Family newspapers. Another proposes that those who are tardy one day should not go out again, &c. The scholars all hesitated; at last one ventured remove water ring from wood furinture to reply: "If a man should sell a yoke of oxen, and remove water ring from wood furinture get more for them than they are worth, he would be a prophet.

You know he reads his Bible daily and offers his morning and evening prayers. It is a system of authority,--supreme and unlimited authority, a point essential in all plans for the supervision of the young. It is the motive of a vast number of the actions which are performed in this world. After some time, he comes into their little workshop, and is astonished to find the lathe standing still, and the boys gathered round the republican turner, who is telling them stories of the tyranny of kings, the happiness of republicans, and the glory of war. The object now is, simply to gain the _majority_,--to awaken a general interest, which you can make effectual in promoting your plans, and thus to narrow the field of discipline, by getting those right, who can be got right by such measures. Cases of deliberate, intentional wrong will occur, and the question will rise, what is the duty of the teacher in such an emergency? When such cases occur, the course to be taken is, first of all, to come to a distinct understanding on the subject with the guilty individual. The school-room is in reality, a little empire of mind. Nearly all the power that is held, even by the most despotic executive, must be based on an adroit management of the principles of human nature, so as to lead men voluntarily to cooperate with the ruler, in his plans.