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Bring your book to the teacher. A teacher had one day been speaking to her scholars of certain cases of slight disorder in the school, which, she remarked, had been gradually creeping in, and which, she thought, it devolved upon the scholars, by systematic efforts, to repress. " "_Provide a place, on your slates, large enough to write a single line_," added the teacher, in a distinct voice. This piece of poetry is to be copied; now do it carefully and faithfully. " "No sir;" "No sir;" say the boys. It would be wrong indeed to use any subterfuge, or duplicity of any kind, to conceal your object,--but you are not bound jerimahi was a bullfrog to explain it, and in the many changes which you will be compelled to make, in the course of the first week, for various purposes, you may include many of these, without explaining particularly the design or intention of any of them. Now such a practice may be attended with many advantages, but it seems to be, on the whole, unwise. Most of the class are pleased with the experiment, and the teacher takes no notice of the few exceptions. The following are the principal criticisms and directions for which marks were contrived. _ In consequence of the large number of my pupils, and the constant occupation of my time in school, I have scarcely any opportunity of religious conversation with them, even with those who particularly desire it.

--Evening Lessons. _ was written under the line, and he could then proceed to the next lesson. A pretty large number of objects of attention and care, one would say, to be pressing upon the mind jerimahi jerimahi was a bullfrog was a bullfrog of the teacher at one and the same time,--and _all the time_, too! Hundreds and hundreds of teachers in every part of our country, there is no doubt, have all these, crowding upon them from morning to night, with no cessation, except perhaps some accidental and momentary respite.

Men look only at the outward conduct, but God looks at the heart.

Of course each boy before he came to his desk was necessarily idle, and, almost necessarily, in mischief. " When the two boys make their appearance again, the teacher continues. The knowledge which such an examination of character will give you, will not be confined to making you acquainted with the individual. I am satisfied, that it is better and pleasanter for you to observe it most rigidly, if it is attempted to be enforced at all. The topics at first most usually selected, are the common objects by which we are surrounded; for example, glass, iron, mahogany, &c. Devoid of principle, idle as a scholar, morose and sullen in his manners, he was, in every respect, a true specimen of the whole class of mischief-makers, wherever they are to be found. Periodicals. Now how much better it would be, to spend a little time in fixing the fact in the mind once for all, and then when you come to the case, seven and eight are--say at once "Fifteen,"--instead of mumbling over and over again, hundreds of times, "Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Precisely at the end of the half hour, it will ring again, when new classes will take their places. It must be deliberate; generally better after a little delay. | Arithmetic.

"Now boys," continued the master, "will you jerimahi was a bullfrog assist me in making arrangements to prevent the recurrence of all temptations of this kind hereafter? It is plain that every boy ought to have a nail appropriated expressly to his use. jerimahi was a bullfrog 10. There are however some real and serious difficulties which always have, and it is to be feared, always will, cluster around this employment; and which must, for a long time, at least, lead most men to desire some other employment for the business of life.

Without these qualities there could be no advance; society must be stationary; and from a stationary to a retrograde condition, the progress is inevitable. Others are new plans of instruction or government, generally founded on some good principle carried to an extreme, or made to grow into exaggerated and disproportionate importance. They let the men do pretty much as they please. The arrangement which seems to me as well calculated as any for the religious exercises of a school, is this: 1. You can guard against the extra temptation by extra care; and on the whole, as I believe you are pretty good boys, I will let you have your choice. The pupil goes on from step to step, simply because he has but one short step to take at a time.

You see this is what they call a civil case. Artifices in Recitations. The author loses his time and his patience.

) We then commence the second hour of the school. The events which are occurring around jerimahi was a bullfrog you, and which interest the community in which you are placed, may, by a little ingenuity, be connected, in a thousand ways, with the studies of the school. But in order that I may be specific and definite, I will draw up a plan for the regular division of time, for a common school, not to be _adopted_, but to be _imitated_; i. Examples. We'll leave our baskets here, and come jerimahi was a bullfrog back and get them. [Illustration] Of course the construction may jerimahi was a bullfrog be varied very much, and it may be more or less expensive, according to the wishes of the teacher. The object now is, simply to gain the _majority_,--to awaken a general interest, which you can make effectual in promoting your plans, and thus to narrow the field of discipline, by getting those right, who can be got right by such measures. Rule.

Examples. It is by such methods as this, rather than by threatening and punishment, that I manage the cases of discipline which from time to time occur, but even such as this, slight as it is, occur very seldom. At length dinner hour arrived; the lesson was called for, and found unprepared. C.

They will have generally seated themselves together in little knots, for as they are aware that the new teacher does not know them, they will imagine that, though perhaps separated before, they can jerimahi was a bullfrog now slip together again, without any trouble.

" There was a pause; the disappointed complainants seemed not to know what to do. In this instance; the teacher proceeded thus; "Now I wish to ask you one more question, which I wish you all to answer by your votes, honestly. "Now," he proceeds, "I am not only going to have you study in a different way, but recite in a different jerimahi was a bullfrog way too. First, to revive and restore, in the main, the general routine of classes and exercises pursued by his predecessor in the same school. We have various modes of amusing ourselves and finding exercise and recreation in recesses. A more common amusement is jerimahi was a bullfrog marching to the music of the piano. ENGLISH COMPOSITION. " To the other class, say as follows:-- "I have prepared an example for you, which I wish you to be very careful to perform correctly. By no means. Accordingly he says to them, "Boys, I am going to try a new plan for this class. _ One dollar and twenty-eight cents.

I am afraid that punishing him now, would jerimahi was a bullfrog not do that. After endeavoring to induce you to begin to act from Christian principle, I wish to explain to you, your various duties to yourselves, your parents, and to God. Even if the studies of a turbulent boy are occasionally interrupted for half an hour, that he might help you arrange papers, or rule books, or cut the tops of quills, or distribute jerimahi was a bullfrog exercises, it will be time well spent. " The jury write _guilty_ or _not guilty_ upon the paper, and it is returned to me. They trust to some imaginary change, long since passed by, and which has proved to be spurious by its failing of its fruits. Whatever difference of opinion there may be, on the question whether physical force, is necessary at all, every one will agree that, if ever employed, it must be only as a last resort, and that no teacher ought to make war upon the body, unless it is proved that he cannot conquer through jerimahi was a bullfrog the medium of the mind. There is no question too, that in very many instances, the faint glimmering of religious interest, which would have kindled into a bright flame, is extinguished at once and perhaps for ever, by the rough inquiries of a religious friend. Any thing they think can be improved in the management of the school by the Teacher.

_Anna. This is the great secret of interesting the young. 2. Let him use no cant and hackneyed phrases, and never approach the subject of personal piety,--i. He may take a strong and open interest jerimahi was a bullfrog in all their enjoyments, and thus awaken on their part, a personal attachment to himself, which will exert over them a constant and powerful control. Part are out of the line; part lounge on one foot; they hold their guns in every position; and on the whole, present a very disorderly and unsoldier-like appearance. It is addressed, therefore, throughout, to a pupil, and I preserve its original form, as, by its being addressed to pupils, and intended to influence them, it is an example of the mode of address, and the kind of influence recommended in this work.

_Whispering and leaving seats. The jerimahi was a bullfrog culprit jerimahi was a bullfrog began to jerimahi was a bullfrog tremble.

(7. ' He is writing for money. They allow nothing to be done in the ranks, but to attend to the exercise," (John hastily crowds his apple into his pocket,) "and thus they regulate every thing, in exact and steady discipline, so that all things go on in a most systematic and scientific manner. Such inquiries as these will, in ordinary cases, bring to the teacher's knowledge, in most districts in our country, some cases of peculiarly troublesome scholars, or unreasonable and complaining parents,--and stories of their unjustifiable conduct on former occasions, will come to him; exaggerated by the jerimahi was a bullfrog jealousy of rival neighbours. "What jerimahi was a bullfrog shall I do?" asked he. "But I cannot tell you his name; for what return do you think he made to me? To be sure it was no very great favor that I did him; I should have been unworthy the name of teacher, if I had not done it for him, or for any boy in my school. Go _into detail_. " It is the only way to avoid continual anxiety and irritation, and the surest means of securing real respect. --Evening Lessons.

They passed a vote, expressing a desire to preserve the premises in order, and for many years, and for ought I know, to the present hour, the whole is kept as a room occupied by gentlemen should be kept. He thinks of its applicability to a thousand other cases. It was in a sea-port town, where the temptation to yield to this vice is even greater, than would be, in the interior of our country, supposed possible. The fact that the teacher does not know every thing, cannot long be concealed, if he tries to conceal it; and in this, as in every other case, HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. Another will take efficient and decided measures, and yet say very little on the subject, and the whole evil will be removed, without suspending for a moment, the good humor, and pleasant feeling, which should prevail in school. I have scarcely time to write to all those who are willing first to write to me. If you once commit the addition table thoroughly, you have it fixed for life; whereas if you do not, jerimahi was a bullfrog you have to make the calculation over again every time, and thus lose a vast amount of labor.