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You will, however, after a few such instances, soon learn to make your preparations before hand, and if you are a girl of enlarged views and elevated feelings, stools diarrhoea normal a few days you will good humoredly acquiesce in suffering a little inconvenience yourself, for the sake of helping to preserve those _distinct_ and well _defined_ lines, by which all boundaries must be marked, in a large establishment, if order and system are to be preserved at all. "] By means like these, it will not be difficult for any teacher to obtain, so far an ascendancy over the minds of his pupils, as to secure an overwhelming majority in favor of good order, and co-operation with him in his plans for elevating the character of the school. I have often thought, that there ought on this account, to be far greater freedom and frequency in the interchange of visits, than there is. That the Committee might be unbiased in their judgment, they were required to examine and decide upon the books, without knowing the names of the writers. On the other hand, if _instruction_ is all that is aimed at, and _recitation_, (by which I mean, as above explained, such an examination of individuals as is necessary to ascertain that they have faithfully performed the tasks assigned,) is neglected, the exercise soon becomes not much more than a lecture, to which those, and those only, will attend, who please. But no clearness and faithfulness in religious teaching will atone for the injury which a bad example will effect. " "Yes," said the master, "these are very good reasons why the nut should be carefully guarded. They did not know what _parsing in writing_ could be. "Why? If you now sincerely determine never more to use a profane word, will you not easily avoid it?" The boys were silent. The teacher gives them an example in addition, requesting them when they have performed it to rise.

As I describe them however now, most of the teachers into whose hands stools diarrhoea normal a few days this treatise may fall, will probably find that their own experience corresponds, in this respect, with mine. They cannot be pointed out. I think there is nothing analogous to this moral connexion between teacher and pupil, unless it be in the case of a parent and child. 6. "Now I do not say, that if any body had a strong antipathy to a spider, seeing one perform such a work as this would entirely remove it; but it would certainly soften it. The right to such control, when claimed at all, is usually claimed in reference to the teacher's new plans, which renders it proper to allude to the subject here; and it ought not to be omitted, for a great many cases occur, in which teachers have difficulties with the trustees or committee of their school. There always will be a few, who will require special watch and care, and generally there will be only a few. _Emily.

I adopted the plan of allowing the scholars to sit, because I thought it would be pleasanter for them, and they have in return been generally, so far as I know, faithful in complying with my wish that they would all assume the posture proposed, so that the school may present the uniform and serious aspect which is proper, when we are engaged in so solemn a duty. General arrangements of Government. stools diarrhoea normal a few days 'We were requested by a very public-spirited individual to mention once more the want of three stools diarrhoea normal a few days nails, for bonnets in the entry. * * * * * The teacher should thus, in accordance with the directions we have given, commence his labors with careful circumspection, patience, frankness, and honest good will towards every individual of his charge. 2. Of course the recitations in such a case must be memoriter.

" "We did not think of them before. He may slowly and cautiously, and even tenderly approach a delinquent. Let each be assigned to its proper time and place; that your time may be your own,--under your own command,--and not, as is too often the case, at the mercy of the thousand accidental circumstances, which may occur. In a case of ill health, she may, as has often been done in such cases at the request of parents, join one or two classes only, and occupy the whole forenoon in preparing for them, and be entirely free from school duties at home. --INTEREST IN TEACHING. The American mechanic at Paris. Now you may lay aside your books.

He looks for the faults; watches, without seeming to watch, the movements which he is attempting to control. The day was done, and their minds were at rest, and every thing was favorable for making a deep and permanent impression. They should understand that the _form_ of the letters is what is important in learning to write, not the smoothness and clearness of the hair lines; and that though writing looks better, when executed stools diarrhoea normal a few days with a perfect pen, a person may _learn_ to write, nearly as well with one, which is not absolutely perfect. It is like a navigator's becoming acquainted beforehand with the nature and the dangers of the sea over which he is about to sail.

Difficulties must be explained in detail; questions must be answered one by one; and each scholar's own conduct and character must be considered by itself. But I have detained you long enough now.

Devoid of principle, idle as a scholar, morose and sullen in his manners, he was, in every respect, a true specimen of the whole stools diarrhoea normal a few days class stools diarrhoea normal a few days of mischief-makers, wherever they are to be found. "I wish," said he, stools diarrhoea normal a few days "I knew what he is going to do with that burr. " "But I want to get my lesson now. Presently it ascended by its thread, and then came down again.

But the truth is, that in almost all such cases as this, the secret of the success is, not that the teacher has discovered a _better_ method than the ordinary ones, but that he has discovered a _new_ one. "He is here now," said the teacher, winding up the interest and curiosity of the scholars, by these words, to the highest pitch. You know the progress which your pupils have made, and can easily anticipate their difficulties. I am aware that many attempt to do something else, at the same time that they are hearing a recitation, and there may perhaps be some individuals, who can succeed in this. "I once found a spider in an empty apartment, hanging in stools diarrhoea normal a few days its web on the wall, with a large ball of eggs which it had suspended by its side.

He hurries through the work. Let there be no other regular exercise until the close of the afternoon school. " "True; that is the exact state of the case. And in a few months, scarcely any body knows that such a book ever stools diarrhoea normal a few days saw the light. Sometimes you must reprove, sometimes you must condemn. You see him deeply interested when you speak of his obligations to his Maker, and the duties he owes to him. "Was it real robbery?" They hesitate. " "If you have any reason, I wish you would tell me frankly, for I want you to have such a seat as will be pleasant to you. _ Two dollars and eighty-five cents.

'Tis true they sometimes mistake, but not often, and the teacher of children of almost any age, need not be afraid that he shall not be understood. It is unpleasant to hear it. But he feels no _moral responsibility_ for another's guilt. They cannot produce any thing but mere external and heartless obedience in the presence of the teacher, with an inclination to throw off all restraint, when the pressure of stern authority is removed. "Does any body here know?" said the master. You all remember, however, how large he is. In the same manner the others stools diarrhoea normal a few days were collected and received by the Accountants, but kept separate. stools diarrhoea normal a few days 'Finally, proposed that greater care be taken by those who stay at noon, to place their dinner baskets in proper places. "For example, (to take the case of the antipathy to the spider, alluded to in the last article,) the reason why that young lady dislikes spiders, is undoubtedly because she has some unpleasant idea associated with the thought of that animal, perhaps for example, the idea of their crawling upon her--which is certainly not a very pleasant one for any body. 4. It seems he did not dare to try to take away a sled from a boy who was as big as himself, but attacked little James, for he knew he was not strong enough to defend himself.

The slates were not laid away carefully, or they were not clean, so that the writing is not distinct. It is therefore the plain duty of every man, to establish that connexion between himself and his Maker, which the Bible requires, and to do what he can to bring others to the peace and happiness of piety. The great source of literary enjoyment, which is the successful exercise of intellectual power, is, by such a mode of presenting a subject, cut off. Or, perhaps you are, for a few mornings, a little earlier; but then at the end of a week or fortnight, you do not know exactly, whether your resolution has been broken or kept, for, you had not decided whether to rise earlier for ten days, or for ten years. In the same manner the other classes would pass in review before the teacher; and he would obtain a memorandum of the usual order of exercises, and in a short time set all his pupils at work preparing for the lessons of the next day. I have no doubt that there are some in this class who are in the habit of _counting_, stools diarrhoea normal a few days who have ascertained that seven and eight for instance, make fifteen; by counting up from seven to fifteen, _hundreds of times_. I have no going up or down, no system of marking. Marks of a bad scholar. Through this wrapper, all questions are asked, all complaints entered, all proposals made. This they all repeatedly acknowledged; and the scholars almost unanimously admitted, that the good of the school required the prohibition of all communication during certain hours.

When he first enters upon the duties of his office, he is diffident and timid, and walks cautiously in the steps which precedent has marked out for him.

Cases where it is most difficult to obey. "Do you mean that you will be honest, or that you would like to have a committee appointed?" There was a confused murmur. Unpleasant associations become connected with the management of the school, and the scholars are prepared to do wrong with less reluctance, since the consequence is only a repetition of what they are obliged to see every day. Variety. _ Oh, dear! we must be lost. " The majority were, however, in the affirmative. You know it would be very unwise for me, after assigning a lesson in the class, to spend my time in telling the individuals over again here.

A teacher, who takes the course I am condemning, approaches the seat of one of his pupils, and asks to see one of his books. In other words what are the punishments which are resorted to in the Mt. Under the title which I have placed at the head of this chapter, I intend to discuss the methods by which the teacher is to secure a moral ascendency over his pupils, so that he may lead them to do what is right, and bring them back to duty, when they do what is wrong. There is one topic connected with stools diarrhoea normal a few days the subject of this chapter, which deserves a few paragraphs. But it would not be justifiable for him to do this, under a monarchy, or in a community divided in regard to this subject, because this question does stools diarrhoea normal a few days not come within the objects, for the promotion of which, his patrons have associated, and employed him,--and consequently, he has no right, while continuing their teacher, to go into it, without their consent.