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The number who had spoken inadvertently, and the number who had done it by design, might be ascertained. The same teacher afterwards acted on a panama canal cruise vacation very different principle. " "How many desks do you think will be found to be disorderly, when we come to make the examination?" The boys hesitate. The Secretary must keep a memorandum, and ascertain that every thing important really finds a place in the record, but she may employ any good writer in school to prepare, from her minutes, the full account. Each scholar was allowed to whisper in relation to her studies. "I do not mean," said I, "if they had set themselves formally at work to think about the subject; but with such a degree of reflection as ought reasonably to be expected of little girls, in the hilarity of recess and of play. In future life, you will certainly be unsuccessful, if you fail, no matter for what reason, to discharge the duties which devolve upon you. "Well, boys," at length you say, with a serious but frank tone of voice, "I saw you playing in a disorderly manner to-day. ) The efforts described under the last head, for gaining a personal influence over those, who from their disposition and character are most in danger of doing wrong, will not be sufficient entirely to prevent transgression. A man comes home from his school at night, perplexed and irritated by the petty misconduct which he has witnessed, and been trying to check.

By this plan also the teacher obtains what is almost absolutely necessary at the commencement of his labors, time for _observation_. panama canal cruise vacation Though some persons absurdly pretend to believe, that the Being who formed this world, if indeed they think there is any such Being, has left it and its inhabitants to themselves, not inspecting their conduct, and never intending to call them to account, they are too few among us to need consideration. By going, however, to some new field, establishing some new and fanciful institution, you take yourself from such a sphere;--you exert no influence over others, except upon feeble imitators, who fail in their attempts, and bring discredit upon your plans by the awkwardness with which they attempt to adopt them.

A gardener, we will suppose, is engaged by a gentleman to lay out his grounds. " "Yes, for it is more barefaced and determined--then it gives a great deal more pain to the one who is injured. Now, where a severe punishment is the consequence of a failure, there might seem to be some reasonableness in helping your companions out of difficulty, though even then, such tricks are departures from honorable dealing. Let the populace of London materially interrupt the order, and break in upon the arrangements of the community, and, in eight and forty hours, nearly the whole of the mighty mass will be in the hands of the devourer, hunger; and they will be soon brought to submission. It seems he did not dare to try to take away a sled from a boy who was as big as himself, but attacked little James, for he knew he was not strong enough to defend himself.

" The boys laughed. Now, in such a case as this, for it is, except in the principles which it is intended to illustrate, imaginary, a very strong interest would be awakened in the class, in the work assigned them. In all probability, however, they would like it, and would indicate their interest by their countenances, or perhaps by a response. The intercourse between teacher and pupil should be like that between parents and children, where the utmost freedom is united with the most perfect respect. He should often address questions to individuals alone, especially to those most likely to be inattentive and careless, and guard against the ingress of every abuse, which might, without close vigilance, appear. He begins at the head of the line, and putting one word to each boy, goes regularly down, each successive pupil calculating the chances whether a word, which he can accidentally spell, will or will not come to him. _ One dollar. 2. No matter how much investigation, how much time and labor it may require. Remove difficulties from our path, and give us all, fidelity and patience in every duty. It is unpleasant to hear it.

" As he said this, many hands were successively raised, and at last, directions were given for them to begin to write. In one corner of the room was a bed, on which was lying the patient whom we had come to visit. The notices which I gave, the arrangements I made,--the subjects discussed and decided,--and in fact every thing important and interesting in the business or occurrences of the preceding day--is recorded by the secretary of the school, and read at this time. Every experienced teacher can recollect numerous cases of this sort, and he learns, after a time, to suspend his judgment. panama canal cruise vacation Series of Lessons in writing. He has unquestionably a right to exert _upon the community, by such means as he shares in common with every other citizen_, as much influence as he can command, for the dissemination of his own political, panama canal cruise vacation or religious, or scientific panama canal cruise vacation opinions. One of panama canal cruise vacation the most common causes of difficulty in pursuing mathematical studies, or studies of any kind, where the succeeding lessons depend upon those which precede, is the fact that the pupil, though he may understand what precedes, is not _familiar_ with it. In other cases suggestions may occur to the mind of the reader, which may modify in some degree his present plans. I should like to have _every one in the room_ answer, and all precisely together.

Hats and Bonnets. " "How large a part of that, then, will he pass, in one hour?" "One third of it. This arises principally from thoughtlessness. The greatest difficulty in the way was to get some one to lead. MISTAKES. panama canal cruise vacation

For panama canal cruise vacation though he may labor four hours panama canal cruise vacation out of school, in some new field, his health and spirits will soon sink under the burden, if after his weary labors during the day in school, he gives up his evenings to the same perplexities and cares. Whenever strictness of discipline is unpopular, it is rendered so, simply by the ill-humored and ill-judged means, by which it is attempted to be introduced. It at once relieves his labors, while it doubles their efficiency and success. The first class in Geography is so large that we have not room in the recitation seats. By this means, if it is done in such a way as to secure the influence of the school on the right side, many good effects are sometimes attained. In regard to the anecdotes panama canal cruise vacation and narratives which are very freely introduced to illustrate principles panama canal cruise vacation in this work, the writer ought to state, that though they are all substantially true, that is, all except those which are expressly panama canal panama canal cruise vacation cruise vacation introduced as mere suppositions, he has not hesitated to alter very freely, for obvious reasons, the unimportant circumstances connected with them. " 2. Every teacher then should make observations and experiments upon mind a part of his daily duty, and nothing will more facilitate this, than keeping a record of results.

" The professor paid no attention to the petitions and complaints which were poured in upon him, and which, though originated by the idle, all were compelled to vote for. _Teaching_ a pupil is not all that is necessary to be done for her in school. After making all due allowance for long indulged habits of indolence and inattention, she one morning assigned an easy lesson to her pupil, informing her at the same time, that she should hear it immediately before dinner. Answering questions.

Open, frank dealing. But some young beginner, whose knowledge is very limited, and who, in manner and habits, has only just panama canal cruise vacation ceased to be a boy, walks into his school-room with a countenance of forced gravity, and with a dignified and solemn step, which is ludicrous even to himself. They met about once a week to transact such business as appointing officers, making and repealing regulations, and inquiring into the state of the Lyceum. They did not know what _parsing in writing_ could be. There are, however, a number of little transgressions, too small to be individually worthy of serious attention, but which are yet troublesome to the community, when frequently repeated. Now there are two remedies. And why? Why because it is new. The class separated, as every class would, in such a case, with strong interest in the work before them. The first great principle, is, however, simple and effectual. " "The next?" Many answer, "Romans.

So, if a Roman Catholic is entrusted with the instruction panama canal cruise vacation of a common district school, in a community composed of many Protestant denominations, it would be plainly his duty to avoid all influence, direct or indirect, over the minds of his pupils, except in those religious sentiments and opinions which are common to himself and all his employers. " "Well, I am going to tell panama canal cruise vacation you of one of your faults. Salvation by Christ. It was however thought, that if the subject was properly presented to the students, they would take an interest in preserving the property from injury. ' "'Oh no! it is not by any means certain that they are _good_ boys. The grounds are yours: I have no interest in it, or responsibility, except to accomplish your wishes. Her hands and clothes are usually covered with ink.

This plan was continued until it was found more convenient to have the teachers' meeting in the afternoons.

Then at the end of any time you may propose, we will have the desks examined again, and see how many are disorderly. Perhaps he will consider it an extraordinary discovery.

For four years, and with a very large school, I have found this sufficient, in every case of discipline which has occurred, except in three or four instances, where something more was required. But I soon found that if I allowed this at all, then attention was diverted from the main object, and occupied panama canal cruise vacation in seeking the most diverting and curious examples. Children are very sensitive to ridicule or disgrace, and some are most acutely so.

" 5. My view of it is this: If teachers do universally confine themselves to limits, which I have been attempting to define, they may accomplish within these limits, a vast amount of good. The former are always censurable; the latter never; for they may be the result of correct reasoning from insufficient data, and it is the reasoning only for which the child is responsible. Case supposed. If so, the teacher might proceed. "I suppose you will not. One has a peculiar mode of teaching spelling, which is successful almost entirely through the magic influence of his interest in it, and he thinks no other mode of teaching this branch, is even tolerable. I do not think the plan I am going to describe a wise one; but I do think that the teacher, while trying it, must _have been interested in his intellectual experiment_. "Now boys," continued the master, "will you assist me in making arrangements to prevent the recurrence of all temptations of this kind hereafter? It is plain that every boy ought to have a nail appropriated expressly to his use. There are very many fallacious indications of piety; so fallacious and so plausible, that there are very few, even among intelligent Christians, who are not often greatly deceived.