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I should wi fi phone like to try the experiment of your standing thus, at the next wi fi phone lesson. He is acquiring _skill_, which, at some future time, he may make the means of increasing his knowledge, to any extent. Now many persons have committed the addition table, so that it is perfectly familiar to them, and when they see any two numbers, the amount which is produced when they are added together comes to mind in an instant. " Now under wi fi phone such circumstances the first class will go to their seats with ardor and alacrity; determined to show you that they can do work, even if it is difficult. It is time for studying and reciting Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and similar studies. As this is the only rule of the school, it deserves a little more full explanation; for not only your progress in study, but your influence in promoting the welfare of the school, and consequently your peace and happiness while you are a member of it, will depend upon the strictness with which you observe it. Be cautious therefore on this point, and in the survey of your pupils which you make during the first few days of your school, trust to nothing but the most sure and unequivocal evidences of character; for many of your most docile and faithful pupils will be found among those whose appearance at first prepossessed you strongly against them. The Court. Although it is thus evident that the important concerns of a literary institution cannot be safely wi fi phone committed into the hands wi fi phone of the students, very great benefits will result from calling upon them to act upon, wi fi phone wi fi phone and to decide questions relative to the school, within such limits, and under such restrictions, as may appear best. --INTEREST IN TEACHING.

They were allowed to leave their seats and whisper to their companions, whenever, in _their honest judgment, it was wi fi phone necessary for the prosecution of their studies_. wi fi phone _ "Hundreds?" _B. _Jane. Extended commercial speculations are, so far as the human heart is concerned, substantially what trading in jack-knives and toys is, at school, and building a snow fort, to its own architects, wi fi phone the same as erecting a monument of marble. Example. He appeared not to notice it, however, said he was sorry it smoked, and asked the mischievous boy, for he was sure to be always near in such a case, to help him wi fi phone fix the fire.

" wi fi phone "What is this?" The wi fi phone boys hesitate.

He will find less wi fi phone difficulty at the outset than he would have expected, and soon have the satisfaction of perceiving that a mild but most efficient government is quietly and firmly established in the little kingdom over which he is called to reign. But it is both unwise and unjust, to neglect the many trees in your nursery, which by ordinary attention, may be made to grow straight and tall, and to bear good fruit, that you may waste your labor upon a crooked stick, from which all your toil can secure very little beauty or fruitfulness. EXCELLENCES OF THE SCHOOL. " He thanks the boy for the book he borrowed, and goes away. wi fi phone The parent has every thing at stake, and it is manifestly unjust to give one man the power of deciding, while he escapes all the consequences of his mistakes, if he makes any, and to take away all the _power_ from those, upon whose heads, all the suffering, which will follow an abuse of the power, must descend. ) Finally let me insert as the keystone wi fi phone of all that I have been saying in this chapter, be sincere, and ardent, and consistent, in your own piety. " "It would undoubtedly, and even then I could not in many cases tell. All will however be intended to answer some useful purpose, either to exhibit good or bad management and its consequences, or to bring to view some trait of human nature, as it exhibits itself in children, which it may be desirable for the teacher to know. The lesson which he learned by the experiment was this, that one or two prizes will not influence the majority of a large school.

B. CLASSES. He is tracing on a most interesting field, the operation of cause and effect. " "Quarter of an hour. The culprit began to tremble.

He is also obliged to resort to arts which are certainly not very honorable, wi fi phone to conceal his ignorance. These nominations must be approved at a teacher's meeting, for if a scholar is inattentive to her studies, disorderly in her desk, wi fi phone or careless and troublesome in her manners, she evidently ought not to be appointed to public office. He tries wi fi phone to apply the method to Arithmetic and Geography, and in a short time is forming plans for the complete metamorphosis of his school. The disposition to make improvements and changes may however be too great. Thus the object is steadily pursued, though the means of pursuing it, are constantly changing. His business, while pursued in such a way, could not have been a mere dull and uninteresting routine. | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-------+----+-----+------+-----+--+ +------+------+--+ +-----+-----+ | SAT. I should like to ask all those who have some particular friend in school, and who can recollect the impression which the individual made upon them when they first saw her, to rise, and then I should like to inquire in how many cases the first wi fi phone impression was favorable, and in how many unfavorable. These should however generally be made in writing. "How can I tell?" asked the master. _Appropriate particular times at which all this business is to be done, and forbid wi fi phone it altogether_ at every other time.

But by judicious and proper efforts to acquire it beforehand, he will enter upon the discharge wi fi phone of his duties with wi fi phone great advantage. Pursue steadily the great objects which demand the teacher's attention; they are simple and few. There is but one rule of this school. There have been, in several cases, experiments made with wi fi phone reference to ascertaining how far a government, strictly republican, would be admissible in a school. It is a great, though very prevalent mistake, to imagine, that boys and girls like a lax and inefficient government, and dislike the pressure of steady control.

SELFISHNESS. _Anna. " The class then regularly take their places in the recitation seats; the prepared and unprepared together. That which is tedious and joyless to one, will be so to another, if pursued in the same way, and under the same circumstances.

It requires as much mental effort to consider and decide sometimes whether I ought to allow a pupil to leave his seat, as it would to decide a much more important question; therefore I do not like our plan, and I have another to propose. What are you making, Joseph?" Joseph mumbled out something inarticulate by way of reply. The only question that can justly arise, is, whether, he will remain in such a situation, or seek employment, where a door of usefulness, here closed against him, will be opened. The accused returns the indictment, saying, she has no objection, and the witnesses are called upon to present their testimony.

The only question that can justly arise, is, whether, he will remain in such a situation, or seek employment, where a door of usefulness, here closed against him, will be opened.

Her personal duty. But this impression should be created by their seeing how he _acts_, wi fi phone in the various emergencies which will spontaneously occur, and not by assumed airs of importance or dignity, feigned for effect. 3. | +-------------+--------------------+-----------------+ wi fi phone | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | +-------------+--------------------+-----------------+ A drawing on a large sheet, made by some of the older scholars, (for a teacher should never do any thing of this kind which his scholars can do for him,) should be made and pasted up to view, the names of the classes being inserted in the columns, under their respective heads. Experimenting has a sort wi fi phone of magical fascination for all. It is clear, therefore, in every view of the subject, that I should retain the management of this school in my own hands. wi fi phone This, however, _the assistance rendered wi fi phone to the teacher_, is not the object. For this purpose, he nominated one of the students as judge, some others as jury-men, and appointed the other officers necessary, in the same manner. 's, we shall remember not to confound them. Suppose the teacher were to say, when the time had arrived, at which he had promised to give them an opportunity to put them in order, "I think it would be a good plan to keep some account of our efforts for improving the school in this respect. Object of securing a majority, and particular means of doing it.

wi fi phone All the children thus addressed will be pleased with the gentleness and affability of the teacher. If after fully understanding this system as it now exists, you wi fi phone are of opinion that something wi fi phone more is necessary; if you think some classes of the community are not fully provided for, or that some of our institutions may be advantageously exchanged for others, wi fi wi fi phone phone whose plan you have in mind; consider whether your age, and experience, and standing, as an instructer are such as to enable you to place confidence in your opinion. TARDINESS. Each teacher is confined only to _those views which are common to the founders and supporters of the particular institution, to which he is attached_. wi fi wi fi phone phone But you wi fi phone are to avoid these things, not because there are any rules in this school against them, for there are none;--but because they are in _themselves wrong_;--in all places and under all circumstances, wrong. As a large school is necessarily somewhat complicated in its plan, and as new scholars usually find that it requires some time, and gives them no little trouble, to understand the arrangements they find in operation here, I have concluded to write a brief description of these arrangements, by help of which, you will, I hope, the sooner wi fi phone feel at home in your new place of duty. c.

The teacher in the presence of the pupil never is free from it. He was a very impatient boy and was scolding, in a loud angry tone, against the burrs. " "Mr. It seems to me, therefore, wi fi phone that it is best for the teacher first to meet his scholars with the air and tone wi fi phone of free and familiar intercourse, and he will find his opportunity more favorable for doing this, if he goes early, on the first morning of his labors, and converses freely with those whom he wi fi phone finds there, and with others as they come in. In many cases, where a fault has been publicly committed, it seems, at first view, to be necessary that it should be publicly punished; but the end will, in most cases, be answered, if it is noticed publicly, so that the pupils may know that it received attention, and then the ultimate disposal of the case, may be made a private affair, between the teacher and the individual concerned. OFFICERS.

The boxes will be open during the next recess. Besides, we can examine it more calmly, then. "Roger," said the wi fi phone master, (for this boy's name was Roger) "can you get me a chestnut burr?" Roger looked up for a moment, to see whether the master was in earnest, and then began to look around for a burr.