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" "Will you turn to 1 Samuel xvi: 7. There should be, through the whole, the tone and manner of _authority_, not of _persuasion_. car hpi racing In the same manner notice is given five minutes before the second half of the hour expires, and so in all the other three hours. * * * * * We come now to one of the most important subjects, which present themselves to the teacher's attention, in settling the car hpi racing principles upon which he shall govern his school. At the first of these, the general business of the school is transacted. Interest in all the pupils. Presently it ascended by its thread, and car hpi racing car hpi racing then came down again. They seem to think a little, before they go into their school, what sort of beings boys and girls are, car hpi racing and any ordinary case of youthful delinquency or dulness does not surprise them. MUSIC. He thinks that God is present, and loves him, and takes care of him, and he is obedient and grateful in return.

car hpi racing "I experience great inconvenience, too. _ The first thing which will call your attention as the hour for the commencement of the school approaches in the morning, is the ringing of a bell, five minutes before the time arrives, by the regulator, who sits at the curtained desk before the Study Card. A small red morocco wrapper lies constantly on a little shelf, accessible to all. His name is M. 152 CHAPTER VI. He required all to begin together at the top of the page and write the same line, in a hand of the same size. The teacher near the close of recess, is sitting with a group of his pupils around him, telling them some story. Boys' love of system and regularity. |G. GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS.

The composition though faulty in many respects, illustrates the point we had in view. Ways of making known new plans. _Jane. " "A prejudice is usually founded on some unpleasant association connected car hpi racing with the subject of it. Simultaneous recitation, by which I mean the practice of addressing a question to all the class, to be answered by all together, is a practice, which has been for some years rapidly extending in our schools, and, if adopted with proper limits and restrictions, is attended with great advantage. Secure therefore severe study. _Anna. " After a little pause the master said he would explain to them what the chestnut burr was for, and wished them all to listen attentively. The Creator has bestowed upon every one car hpi racing a mind, upon the cultivation of which, our rank among intelligent beings, our happiness, our moral and intellectual power, every thing valuable to us, depend. It will intrude itself into all your waking thoughts, and trouble you in your dreams. The following are the principal criticisms and directions for which marks were contrived.

D. Their _hearts_ are neglected and become very impure,--full of evil thoughts, and desires, and passions, which are not repented of, and consequently not forgiven. On the second day, Peterborough was sung with much greater confidence on the part of the increased number of singers. ) The teacher should guard against unnecessarily imbibing those faulty mental habits, to which his station and employment expose him. " The teacher then looks around the room, and selecting some intelligent boy who has influence among his companions, and whose influence he is particularly desirous of enlisting on the side of good order, says, "Shall I nominate some one to keep an account of this plan?" "Yes sir," say the boys. "Now I wish you," continued the teacher, "to fill up such a table as this, with _ten_ nouns. I should car hpi racing like, therefore, to have two committees appointed; one, to count and report the number of nails in the entry, and also how much room there is for more; the other, to ascertain the number of scholars in school. She left her, saying she car hpi racing thought an half hour's study would conquer all the difficulties she found in the lesson. She did not seem to know whether she would get well again or not, and in fact, she did not seem to care much about it. " car hpi racing Take another case.

Or, perhaps you are, for a few mornings, a little earlier; but then at the end of a week or fortnight, you do not know exactly, whether your resolution has been broken or kept, for, you had not decided whether to rise earlier for ten days, or for ten years. " "Then," asked they, "did we do wrong?" "Do you think it would be a good plan," I inquired, "to have it a common amusement in the recess, for the girls to hunt each other among the desks?" "No sir," they replied simultaneously. The progress car hpi racing which it is capable of making is entirely indefinite. I have not yet spoken of it. When that hour has arrived, let the teacher devote a very short period, five minutes perhaps, to religious _instruction_, given in car hpi racing various ways. car hpi racing "Other commanders act differently. We have the advantage of regular progress in the acquisition of knowledge truly valuable, while this progress is made, with all the spirit and interest which variety can give.

We will call this boy B. "How many," I then asked, "have ever been put to the trouble to go to the door, when the bell has thus been rung? They may rise. " "I suppose it would be so. Do not begin to step, until I strike the bell. The car hpi racing community are agreed, not only in believing that car hpi racing piety consists primarily, in love to God, but that _the life of piety is to be commenced by penitence for past sins, and forgiveness, in some way or other, through a Saviour_. All our institutions car hpi racing ought to be so administered as openly to recognise the hand of God, and to seek his protection and blessing; car hpi racing and in regard to none is it more imperiously necessary than in respect to our common schools. But you can plan a campaign against a whole class of faults, and put into operation a system of measures to correct them, and watch from day to day the operation of that system, with all the spirit and interest of a game. Look at the list, and consider what am most useful for you. ' Another was entitled the car hpi racing Magical Shoe,' and contained a marvellous narration of adventures made in a pair of shoes, more valuable than the farfamed 'seven league boots. You can guard against the extra temptation by extra care; and on the whole, as I believe you are pretty good boys, I will let you have your choice.

Each class goes on regularly and systematically, all its members keeping exactly together in that study, but the various members of it will have joined a greater or less number of other classes, according to their age, car hpi racing or abilities, or progress in study, so that all will or may have full employment for their time. _ I'm afraid we shan't. Sometimes I occupy ten or fifteen minutes at one of the general exercises, or at the close of the school, in giving instruction upon practical religious duty. Another teacher takes no apparent notice of the confusion he thus accidentally witnesses. The three important branches. Whenever the parents, car hpi racing or the committee, or the trustees car hpi racing express, however car hpi racing mildly and properly, their wishes in regard to the manner in which they desire to have their own work performed, their pride is at once aroused. Do not, however, allow them to mistake morality for religion.

He allowed a day or two to elapse, so that the conversation might be forgotten, and then took an opportunity, one day, after school, when all things had gone on pleasantly, and the school was about to be closed, to bring forward the whole subject. It is far better to allure them, by showing them the pleasures of doing right. For the instruction of the pupils, the school is divided into _classes_, car hpi racing and for their general supervision, into _sections_, as has been intimated in the preceding chapter. Let no one of us destroy our peace and happiness this day, by breaking any of thy commands,--or car hpi racing encouraging our companions, in sins--or neglecting, in any respect, car hpi racing our duty. In regard to each of these particulars I shall speak more particularly hereafter, in the chapters to which they respectively belong. Let there be no other regular exercise until the close of the afternoon school. Far be it from me to discourage the preparation of good school-books. The religious reader may inquire, why I am so anxious to restrain, rather than to urge on, the exercise of religious influence in schools. " While these numbers are thus reading, the teacher looks at the boys, and can easily see whether any are not reading their own answers, but only following the rest. Remove difficulties from our path, and give us all, fidelity and patience in every duty.

car hpi racing One was car hpi racing entitled 'The Magical Ring,' and commenced, 'As I was sitting alone last evening, I heard a gentle tap on the door, and immediately a beautiful fairy appeared before me. " The reason then, that some of the class add so slowly, is not probably because they want skill and rapidity of execution, but became they work to a great disadvantage, by working in the wrong way. " "When car hpi racing will vacation commence?" "Proposed, that a music committee be appointed, so that we can have some marching in recess. The last hour is appropriated to this purpose, with the understanding, however, that such a portion of it as is not wanted by the superintendent, is to be spent in study. But I soon found that if I allowed this at all, then attention was diverted from the main object, and occupied in seeking the most diverting and curious examples.

In the course of the afternoon, the teacher ascertained, by private inquiries, that his suspicions were correct, as to the author of the mischief. In a case of ill health, she may, as has often been done in such cases at the request of parents, join one or two classes only, and occupy the whole forenoon in preparing for them, and be entirely free from school duties at home. Whispering, making signs, writing upon car hpi racing paper or a slate, bowing to any one,--and in fact, _every_ possible way, by which one person may have any sort of mental intercourse with another, is wrong.

Any of the scholars may, at any time, make suggestions in writing, to any of these officers, or to the whole school. Such a teacher knows that boys and girls, are the _materials_ he has to work upon, and car hpi racing he takes care to make himself acquainted with these materials, _just as they are_. " There is, indeed, far too little religious influence exerted in common schools. This is perhaps going a little too far; but it is certainly desirable to enjoy as many opportunities for observation as can be secured on the first few days of the school. The first attempt nearly resulted in a failure; only a few car hpi racing trembling voices succeeded in singing Old Hundred, to the words, "Be thou," &c. _ She does not look as if she had much taste for any thing; see, how strangely she fixes her hair. Now, where a severe punishment is the consequence of a failure, there might seem to be some reasonableness in helping your companions out of difficulty, though even then, such tricks are departures from honorable dealing. You will therefore have the opportunity to know all the arrangements of school in this respect, car hpi racing and I wish you to exercise your own judgment and discretion a great deal, in regard to your studies.