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Look at that teacher, and consider for a moment, his condition. This you have already said will take six hours. Cases which have occurred in which scholars have done right, in temptation, or when others around were doing wrong. These, and a multitude of similar points constituting what may be called the general _administration_ of the school, become, when the number of pupils is large, a most important 1990'ss technology branch of the teacher's duty. Large stroke made too fine, and the reverse. _ (See Plan. A scholar, for example, brings him a sum in arithmetic, which he does not know how to perform. I consider this plan, as only one among a multitude of others, each of which will be successful, not by the power of its intrinsic qualities, but just in proportion to 1990'ss technology the ability and faithfulness with which it is carried into effect. " "I think it would be less unjust to deprive all of their recess who are tardy, for then the loss of a recess by a boy who had not been to blame, would not be very common, and the evil would be divided among the whole, but in the plan of my hearing the excuses, it would all come upon one. They are only, in the young, faint grounds of hope, that the genuine fruits 1990'ss technology of piety will appear.

If the plan is founded on some peculiar notions of your own, which would enable you to succeed in it, when others, also interested in such a scheme, would 1990'ss technology probably fail, consider whether there may not be danger that your plan may be imitated by others, who cannot carry it into successful operation, so that it may 1990'ss technology be the 1990'ss technology indirect means of doing injury. It will show that the teacher is upon his guard; and there are very few, so hardened in deception, that they would not wish that they had been really sincere, rather than rest under such 1990'ss technology an imputation. The book in itself was good. Should this not be the case, or should the teacher, from any cause, lose his personal influence in the school, so that the institution should really be surrendered into the hands of the pupils, things must be on a very unstable footing. This cord passes back from _d_ to _a_ small pulley at the upper part of the board, 1990'ss technology and at the tower end of it a tassel, loaded so as to be an exact counterpoise to the card, is attached. In a few minutes after I had seated myself on the sofa, the '_Study Card_,' was dropped, and the general noise and confusion, indicated that recess had arrived. Most of the scholars obey it of their own accord, implicitly and cordially.

Ascertain the names and the characters of the principal families in the district, their ideas and wishes in respect to the government of the school, the kind of management adopted by one or two of the last teachers, the difficulties they fell into, the nature of the complaints 1990'ss technology made against them, if any, and the families with whom difficulty has usually arisen. It should often be distinctly explained to them, that a republican government is one, where the power essentially resides in the community, and is exercised by a ruler, only so far as the community delegates it to him; whereas in the school, the government is based on the principle, that the power, primarily and essentially, resides in the teacher, the scholars exercising only such as he may delegate to them.

"By their fruits ye shall know them," said the Saviour, a direction sufficiently plain, one would think, and pointing to a test, sufficiently easy to be applied. How do they all write? How do they all read? How do they calculate? It would be well if he would make a careful examination of the school, in this respect. Doing right is pleasant to every body, and no persons are so easily convinced of this, or rather so easily led to see it, as children. I am prevented from doing this both by my unwillingness to obtrude such a subject personally upon those who might not welcome it, and by want of time. "But there are a great many other motives entirely distinct from these. Where every man is allowed to believe as he pleases, some will undoubtedly believe wrong, and others will be divided, by embracing views of a subject which are different, though perhaps equally consistent with truth. It is a very great improvement upon your common mode.

"Mrs. They expect from them what is not to be obtained, and then are disappointed and vexed at the failure. The master said is was by their taste. They seem to think a little, before they go into their school, what sort of beings boys and girls are, and any ordinary case of youthful delinquency or dulness does not surprise them. "My plan," continues 1990'ss technology the teacher, 1990'ss technology "is this:--to allow you all, besides the recess, a short time, two or three minutes perhaps, every hour;" (or every half hour, according to the character of the school, the age of the pupils, or other circumstances, to be judged of by the teacher,) "during which you may all whisper or leave your seats, without asking permission. He goes 1990'ss technology away therefore well satisfied with himself, when in fact he has been only submitting to a little mortification, voluntarily, to avoid the danger of a greater; much in the same spirit with that which leads a man to receive the small-pox by inoculation, to avoid the danger of taking it in the natural way. We should know the proposal was an absurd one; but then it would do no hurt;--we should have only to reject it. I am therefore now to consider under a fourth general head, what course is to be taken with _individual_ offenders, whom the general influences of the school-room will not control. The school-room is in reality, a little empire of mind. I have done nothing on this subject yet, for I wished to see whether you would not come early, on principle. The design, however, and nature of this whole arrangement, I shall explain more fully in another place.

Mingling religious influence with the direct discipline of the school.

Then rule a line for the third column. "You may first, when you take your seats, and are ready to prepare the lesson, write upon your 1990'ss technology slates, a list of the ten first nouns, arranging them in a column. , 'that she sometimes had seasons of bitter repentance for indulging in this unhappy propensity of hers? She would, at such times, resolve to be more on her guard, but after all her good resolutions, she would yield to the slightest temptations. In fact, a large proportion of the offences against order committed 1990'ss technology in school are the mere momentary 1990'ss technology action of the natural buoyancy and life of childhood. | His writing is good. This spirit he always notices, and though I may stop any particular form of its exhibition, it is for Him alone to forgive it and to purify the heart from its power. But let him call upon them all to spell it, simultaneously, and then to pronounce it distinctly, three or four times in concert, and the word will be very strongly impressed upon the mind. In her answers to questions with which she should be familiar, she always manifests more or less of hesitation, and what she ventures to express, is very commonly in the form of a question.

Now, where a severe punishment is the consequence of a failure, there might seem to be some reasonableness in helping your companions out of difficulty, though even then, such tricks are departures from honorable dealing. For instance in the example already specified; in order to add seven and eight, you say, "Twice seven are fourteen and one are fifteen;" ("Yes sir," "Yes sir,") or "Twice eight are sixteen, and taking one off, leaves fifteen. Through this wrapper, all questions are asked, all complaints entered, all proposals made.

I _will not_ trouble you any more. I should very probably do this by addressing a note to you, as I suppose this should be less unpleasant to you than a conversation. There will be given you when you enter the school a blank schedule, in which the divisions of each forenoon for one week are marked, and in which your own employments for every half hour are to be written. " The boys around laugh; very equivocally, however, for with the feeling of amusement, there is mingled the fear that the angry master may take it into his head to inspect their dominions. They brought him presently a rough scrap of paper, with the figures marked upon it. It would _tend_ to 1990'ss technology remove it. Various modes. This may be done in several ways. Some, I am afraid, may not really be determined to keep it, and others will forget. If the practice, which has been already repeatedly recommended, of appropriating a 1990'ss technology quarter of an hour, each day, to a general exercise, should be adopted, it will afford great facilities for doing this. The men are required to form a precise line.

Regular arrangement of them. I will suppose that the teacher of a common school, undertakes to show his boys, who, we will suppose, are acquainted with nothing but elementary arithmetic, how longitude is ascertained, by means of the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites; not a very simple question, (as it would, at first view, strike one,) but still one which, like all 1990'ss technology others, may be, merely by the power of the subdivision alluded to, easily explained. A merchant keeps his commodities together, and looks upon a cargo composed of 1990'ss technology ten thousand 1990'ss technology articles, and worth 100,000 dollars as one: he speaks of it as one: 1990'ss technology and there is, in many cases, no more perplexity in planning its destination, than if it were a single box of raisins. Now whatever may be said in this chapter against unnecessary innovation and change, does not apply to efforts to secure variety in the details of daily study, while the great leading objects are steadily pursued. The exercises which follow are exhibited to 1990'ss technology the eye by the 1990'ss technology following diagram.

But if you once allow school with its perplexities and cares to get possession of the rest of the day, it will keep possession. " "A prejudice is usually founded on some 1990'ss technology unpleasant association connected with the subject of it. The second of the sources of interruption, as I have enumerated them, is mending pens. Keeping a register of the scholars, and various other duties connected with the accounts. _ (See plan. An attachment to the institution and to the duties of it, will give the teacher a very strong hold upon the community of mind which exists there. I could never shift the responsibility upon you. The one goes on mechanically the same, and depends for his power on violence, or on threats 1990'ss technology and demonstrations of violence. I should like to receive such communications from all my pupils; for advice or instruction communicated in reply, being directly personal, is far more likely to produce effect. Now will you look into your desks, and tell me whether they are, on these three principles, well arranged.

And then when we reflect upon the influence which would be exerted upon the future religious character of this nation, by having the millions of children training up in the schools, accustomed, through all the years of early life, to being brought daily into the presence of the Supreme, with thanksgiving, confession, and prayer, it can hardly seem possible that the 1990'ss technology teacher who wishes to be faithful in his duties, should hesitate in regard to this.