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These principles carried lee tran steadily into practice, will be effectual, in leading any mind through lee lee tran tran any difficulties which may occur. Injury to clothes. Hearing recitations. "Yes sir," was still the reply, but fainter than before. Such a practice will assist the teacher very much, if he manages it with any degree of dexterity: for it will interest his pupils in the success lee tran of the school, and secure, to a very considerable lee tran extent, their cooperation. "Now it is very probable that some have, from inadvertence, or from design, omitted to keep an account of the number of transgressions of the rule, which they have committed during the day; others, perhaps, do not wish to make a report of themselves. Are you willing to adopt this plan?" The boys answer, "Yes sir," and the teacher then looks carefully around the room, and selects four pleasant and popular boys,--boys who, he knows, would gladly assist him, and who would, at the same time, be agreeable to their school mates. I believe there are very few instances where the parents would not be glad to have the Bible read from time to time, its geographical and historical meanings illustrated, and its moral lessons brought to bear upon the hearts and lives of their children. For this purpose they either see that their pupils are going on successfully in classes in school, in these lee tran branches, or they may attend to them in the Section, provided that they never allow such instruction to interfere with their more appropriate and important duties. There may be features of this plan, which teachers who may read it, may be inclined to adopt. lee tran

In the former, not a single member of it, is. This is the spirit then with which these preliminary inquiries, in regard to the patrons of the school, ought lee tran to be made. The teacher may now, if be pleases, after the majority of the class have gone, hear the reasons of those who were unprepared, lee tran and look for the errors lee tran of those whose work was incorrect; lee tran but it is better to spend as little lee tran time as possible, in such a way.

There lee tran are various principles of human nature, which may be of great lee tran avail, in accomplishing this object. A man is, in some degree, responsible for his example, and for the consequences which may indirectly flow from his course, as well as for the immediate results which he produces.

One peculiar lee tran excellency of this method was, that although the whole school were working under a regular and systematic plan, individuals could go on independently; that lee tran is, the progress of no scholar lee tran lee tran lee tran was retarded by that of his companion; the one more advanced, might easily pass the earlier lessons in few days, while the others would require weeks lee tran of practice to acquire the same degree of skill. lee lee tran tran

By common consent, however, I do not mean the consent of every body; I mean that of the great majority of serious, thinking men. lee tran

This plan went on successfully for three months, and with very little diminution of interest. In fact, a right understanding of this subject, lee tran is, in most cases, absolutely essential lee tran to the harmony and co-operation of the teacher, and the representatives of his patrons. " "When I see a new scholar enter this school and she does not happen to suit me exactly in her ways and manners, I very often get prejudiced against her, though sometimes I find her a valuable friend, after I get acquainted with her. Whenever, then, the study card goes up, and you hear the sound of its little bell, immediately and instantaneously stop, whatever you are saying. These should however generally be made in writing. ' _I_ knew the lady by report, and asked why she was so regarded, the reply was, 'Because she was so severe, so satirical in her remarks upon lee tran others.

It would come within the province of the Committee to attend to such a case as this, that is, to bring it up in the report. Gardiner Lyceum. How many become discouraged and disheartened by what they consider the unavoidable trials of a teacher's life, and lee tran give up in despair, just because their faculties will not sustain a six-fold task.

If any of you wish for assistance or advice from me, in putting them in order, I shall be happy to render it. The Tabu was always most scrupulously lee tran regarded, after this, whenever employed. Still, these individuals lee tran will require, lee tran and it is right that they should receive, a far greater degree of attention, lee tran so far as the moral administration of the school is concerned, than their mere numbers would appear to justify. A physician may spend all his waking-hours in visiting patients, and feel little more than healthy fatigue. CHAPTER IV. Now of these three methods, the last is undoubtedly the best. Let me not be understood to recommend exactly this method of teaching spelling, as the best one to be adopted, in all cases. No, even if the work you are assigning to a class is easy, do not tell them so, unless lee tran you wish to destroy all their spirit and interest lee tran in doing it; and if you wish to excite their spirit and interest, make your work difficult, and let them see that you know it is so. This is fundamental. I hope every one will be prepared to-morrow.

You may do this, by writing, or in other ways, but do not lead them to make up their minds fully that they are Christians, in such a sense as to induce them to feel that the work is done. GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS. Curve wrong. Another professor had the dexterity to manage lee tran in a different way. " The cases of those who are unprepared at a recitation, ought, by no means, to be passed by, unnoticed, although it would be unwise to spend much time in examining each, in detail. " As he said this, many hands were successively raised, and at last, directions were given for them to lee tran begin to write. , 'that she sometimes had seasons of bitter repentance for indulging in this unhappy propensity of hers? She would, at such times, resolve to be more on her guard, but after all her good resolutions, she would yield to the slightest temptations. How much more service to the cause of education, have Professors Cleaveland and Silliman rendered by falling in with the regularly lee tran organized institutions of the country, and elevating them, than if in early life, they had given themselves to some magnificent project of an establishment, to which their talents would unquestionably have given temporary success, but which would have taken them away from the community of teachers, and confined the results of their labors to the more immediate effects which their daily duties might produce.

This has been my plan for two or three years, and no arrangement which I have ever made, has operated for so long a time, so uninterruptedly, and so entirely to my satisfaction as this. Questions about its nature. She spared neither friend or foe. 40. Awing the pupils, by showing them the consequences of lee tran doing wrong, should be very seldom resorted to. ; you are accused of having an untidy floor about your desk. lee tran " "The third?" "Luke. 8.

If for example a teacher should say to you in your class, "As soon as you have performed a certain work you may bring it lee tran to me,"--you lee tran would in bringing it, be acting under her _direction_ and would consequently do lee tran right. Of course, the words Fear, Emulation, Honor, lee tran Friendship, and others, come in confused and irregular sounds, from every part of the school-room. It is in this lee tran way, that the great multitude of school-books which are now constantly lee tran issuing from the press, take their origin. The particular duties of each officer, are minutely described to the individuals themselves at the time of their election; all I intend here is to give a general view of the lee tran plan, such as is necessary for the scholars at large. MORAL DISCIPLINE. "I witnessed, a short time since, a meeting between two friends, who had had but little intercourse before, for a long while. Every good school must be systematic; but they need not all be on precisely the same system. " He then repeats the question, and obtains a full response.

One boy will want to know how to parse a word, another where the lesson is, another to have a sum explained, and a fourth will wish to show his work, to see if it is right. How much is four times five?--Four _and_ five? How much is seven times nine?--Seven _and_ nine? Eight times six?--Eight _and_ six? Nine lee tran times seven?--Nine _and_ seven?" After asking a few questions of this kind, it was perceived that the pupils could tell much lee tran more readily what was the result when the numbers were to be multiplied, then when they were to be added. Let no one now lee tran understand me to say, that such cases are to be neglected. _At the direction of teachers. _ Look here! see how many berries I've got. The parent has every thing at stake, and it is manifestly unjust to give one man the power of deciding, while he escapes all the consequences of his mistakes, if he makes any, and to take away all the _power_ from those, upon whose heads, all the lee tran suffering, which will follow an abuse of the power, must descend.

"You may take your Bibles. " They were accordingly carried there, and received by the Accountants. "Very well indeed," they replied, "only," said one of them, smiling, "he talked to us as if we were lee tran all little children. Still, it is very probable, that, among so large a number, some may have made a report, which, they are now aware, was not perfectly fair and honest. _ may rise. He paid of course very little attention to the writing, now and then reproving, with an impatient tone, some extraordinary instance of carelessness, or leaving his work to suppress some rising disorder. In order to show that it was necessary, lee tran he related the circumstances of the quarrel which had lee tran occurred the day before. HELEN'S LESSON. lee tran

A teacher, who takes the course I am condemning, approaches the seat of one of his pupils, and asks to see one of his books. In these, as in all exercises, there is an inattention to general instructions. ) Making previous truths perfectly familiar. In all probability, the formal announcement of this principle, and the endeavor to introduce it, by a sudden revolution, would totally fail. " "He gave the sled back to him," says one of the boys. There is probably lee tran no employment lee tran whatever which affords so favorable an opportunity for personal improvement,--for steady intellectual and moral progress, as that of teaching. _ "Can any one of the boys inform me what was the first lesson that the former master used to hear in the morning?" The boys are silent, lee tran looking to one another. The nut itself, he thought, ought to hang alone on the branches, without any prickly covering,--just as apples do.

I have done nothing on lee tran this subject yet, for I wished to see whether you would not come early, on principle. He made the plan perfectly clear lee tran to them, by taking a particular noun, and running it through the table, showing what should be written opposite to the word, in all the columns; and then dismissed them. But that is not the greatest difficulty; can any of you think of any other?" There was a pause. Now if I should put you both into different parts of the school, next to boys that you are not acquainted with, it would be a great deal easier for you to be still and studious than it is now.